running a zine library

Zine libraries can be found in garages, infoshops, public libraries, academic libraries, basements — you name it.

For a good overview of developing a zine collection aimed at teens in a public library, check out Jerianne Thompson’s post: “ZINE: it rhymes with teen: how a zine collection can help you connect with young adults.” It includes great ideas for programming, too!

For another step-by-step guide, along with questions to ask when starting a zine collection at a library, check out these short posts by Jenna Freedman and Miriam DesHarnais at “Your Zine Tool Kit, A DIY Collection” (Library Journal blog, 2006).

Another fabulous resource is Julie Bartel’s book From A to Zine: Building a Winning Zine Collection in Your Library (Chicago: American Library Association, 2004).

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