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What is an unconference?

This is from Eric Goldhagen’s blog and was written about Drupal Camp in NYC but applies to the IZL(u)C, too.

  • An unconference is a participant centric conference, the structure is more concerned with the value to the participants than the value for the sponsors or organizers (in a similar way that the GPL Free Software license is more concerned with the rights of the software user than the software owner)
  • At a normal conference, the hallway conversations tend to be the best parts. At an unconference, it’s all hallway!
  • unconference tries to replicate the community centric nature of Free Software projects in the way we organize an event. Everyone is a participant.
  • Whoever shows up are the right people to have here
  • Whatever happens is what is supposed to happen
  • If you find yourself in a place where you are neither learning or contributing, be respectful but use your feet to find another room where you can learn and contribute
  • Your participation is not only welcome, it’s necessary

Possible discussion topics

  • Collection development for zines in a language you don’t speak
  • Promoting zines in the classroom
  • Multi-language zine collections — how do you put them on the shelf?
  • Cataloguing: examples of catalogues, sharing practices, zine categorization/digitization, information security
  • Keeping zines safe (protecting from wear & tear and stealing)
  • Collecting international zines in multiple languages
  • Budgets & zine acquisition
  • writing funding apps for zine libraries – a how to
  • basic archival practice / record keeping skill share
  • Zines in a public library: how to start a collection, where to put a zine collection, age group
  • working with space/location limitations
  • Running a zine festival within a library
  • Experience organising virtual events
  • Zine clubs
  • Working with young people, age appropriate zines for young people, engaging young people with zines
  • Pandemic – organizing without being physically together
  • Community Building
  • Activism & Zines/Zine Libraries