Registration for the International Zine Librarian Unconference 2020 is now closed. If you wish to attend a session but did not register yet, or did not receive an email with the links after you registered, send us an email at

If you're able let us know what session blocks you plan to attend below (this is just to give us an idea of numbers for each block and isn't binding! you'll still receive links to all the blocks!)

All times are in UTC. To find convert from UTC to your time zone head to: Each block is three hours long. Blocks will normally contain: an hour of programming, followed by a fifteen minute break, and then two hours of unconference sessions, with a fifteen minute break in the middle, unless otherwise described.

You don't have to attend a full block, so if you can only attend part of it that's no problem - all the blocks are broken down in more detail on the full schedule!