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Conference Schedule
Headquarters will be in Room 217 with sessions in other meeting rooms throughout the library. Schedule/locations for sessions will be set Friday morning.

Thursday, July 17
– People from out of town arrive, dorm check-ins, informal social event, like bowling/dinner.. Nothing formal is planned, so Thursday is On Your Own!

Friday, July 18
– 9:30-11:00: Check-in/set schedule- Room 217, 2nd floor Perkins Library
– 11:00-12:30: Session 1
**International/Latin American zines (room 218)
**Code of Ethics (217)

– Lunch 12:30-1:30 (room 217)
**discussions: Zine tours

– 1:30-4:00- longer workshop block
**Zine Union Catalog, Part I (room 217)
**Zine Union Catalog, Part II

– 1:30-2:45- shorter session block
** Zine clubs/outreach (room 218)

– 2:45-4:00- shorter session block

– Zine reading 5:30-7pm @ Pinhook, 117 W. Main St. / Durham, NC
– Free time/group dinner on your own

Saturday, July 19
–  10-11am
** Cataloging/RDA (Bostock 023)
** “in scope enemy”/acquisitions policies (217)

**ILL/Prisons (Bostock 023)
** Thesauri (217)

– Lunch 12-1
**discussions: zine librarians in trouble/barefoot librarians

– 1-2:30pm- Bingham Center intro/zine library instruction (Rubenstein classroom, 3rd floor)

** Custom zine cataloging game/tech share- (Bostock 023)



Optional: Girls Rock NC Showcase @ Cat’s Cradle in Chapel Hill
– Free fun time

Sunday, July 20
– Dorm check outs
– Farewell brunch? Rides to airport



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