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Put down proposals for workshops, discussions and presentations to cover during the unconference.  On the day of we'll sort through the ideas and slot them into places on the schedule. <ul> <li>Barefoot Zine Library discussion</li> <li>Zine Union Catalog project (multiple sessions?) <ul> <li>Yak (about grant)</li> <li>Hack (upload more records into zinecat)</li> </ul> </li> <li><a href="">CSU Channel Islands zine collection (Razorcake/Gorsky collection)</a>\</li> <li>Facilitating, acquiring, and showcasing student-made zines</li> <li>Update Code of Ethics</li> <li>Tips on starting a zine library in your hometown</li> <li>Zine collection succession planning</li> <li>ZineWiki edit-a-thon</li> </ul>
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