ZLuC 2017 LGB

The 2017 Zine Librarians unConference (ZLuC) will be held August 4-5 at the Long Beach Public Library in Long Beach, California!

What: ZLuC is an inspirational, informative, and fun gathering of people who care deeply about zines, their preservation, and their ability to change lives for the better.
When: Friday August 4-Saturday August 5, 2017
Where: Main Library, Long Beach Public Library (101 Pacific Ave, Long Beach, California)
Who: Everyone is welcome! The audience is zine librarians, librarians who love zines, zinesters who love libraries.
Why: To share the zine love! Take a look at previous ZLuC websites to see what we talk about.


Registration is free for everyone. Stay tuned for infomation about the 2017 ZLuC travel grant for POC librarians/archivists.

Make sure you’re on the Zine Librarians email list, so you don’t miss any pre-conference conversations.

Hashtag: #zluc

Zine Union Catalog Working Meeting

Meeting at MIT, Sunday, July 31, 2016 from 1-6pm.

MIT’s Hayden Library, building 14, room 3-336.

DIRECTIONS from the T:
Go down Carleton St past the MIT medical building, turn right onto Amherst St. Cross Ames street at the Arts/Design building, walk down a walkway with tennis courts on your left. Hayden (building 14) is on the left just past the gigantic black Calder statue.
Once inside, go down the hall past the outside courtyard, turn left and the library entrance is at the end of the hall. Once inside the library, take a left and walk past the desks and shelves to find the back stairwell and take it all the way up to the third floor. Our meeting room is just past the bathrooms and is the first door on the right at the start of the office hallway.
You can park in Cambridge spots on Sundays, so look for those if you’re driving (there are some on Ames and Amherst).
Search MIT map at http://whereis.mit.edu/
MIT buildings are open to the public, so you can walk right in.
NOTES FROM WORK SESSION: 31 July 2016 at MIT Libraries

Discussed at the meeting: 



–Working groups make recommendations to caticorn herders*, but generally work out details amongst themselves
–Mission statement; points of unity
–Technology decisions
–Funding decisions
–Labor decisions
–Organizational decisions
We respect diversity of communication styles, learning styles,
*Caticorn herders = Core group
**Fast Horse = Working groups
Advisory board/Pool
  • User testing
  • Semi-annual update call
  • Jenna: draft proposal
  1. Draft “governance plan”
    1. Propose at August ZUC conference call
    2. Circulate for approval
    3. Vote Sept. 2016 ZUC conf. call
  2. Implement plan ASAP
  3. Form groups
  4. Annual review and documentation


  • Apache
  • Hathi Trust
  • TARO
  • OpenFlows
FAST HORSES**20160731_162305
  • Some standing, some running
  • Diversity
    • Repository diversity
    • Aim for individual diversity
    • Diversity of expertise
  • Length of “term”
  • “Election” (just for caticorn herders?) —-> Automated (auditable) impartial process
  • Mandatory participation
    • must attend x% of meetings

Fast Horses provide recommendations back to Caticorn Herders and are voted on.

Potential Fast Horse Groups:

  1. Funding
  2. Technology
  3. Organizational/administrative
  4. Grants
  5. Artisanal metadata (standing)
  6. Publications

Semi-annual call

  • caticorn herders update
  • Fast Horses update(s)?
  • Documentation review
  • Get Administrative Shit Together
    • Mission statement
    • Governance planning
    • Compile stakeholders list/Advisory Board
    • Logos & Merching
  • Planning Prototype
    • Choose Catalog Tool
    • Gather pilot metadata
      • Compile sample data set
    • Technology decisions
      • User Stories
      • Functional Requirements
    • Metadata Standards
  • Structured data prototype
    • Zine wiki = another source of information, data source from which to pull data (zine libs with no cat)
      • Info boxes: automate cat. imports –> populate info boxes: crosswalk zine description to infobox
      • Template love
      • Free text description populates content, e.g., MARC 520
      • Templates needed
      • Person
      • Zine
      • Serial/Mono
      • Library (holding)
      • Group creator
      • Process! Rules for merge/(de)duplicate
      • === Moebius strip of chaos
20160731_162315 20160731_162400 20160731_151209


Tech Supporting Zine Library Infrastructure

Topic Overview:

Conversation about managing digital assets and coordinating efforts. How to ask folks to support tech infrastructure. Current Projects/Assets:

  • Zinelibraries.info wordpress site (repository for many things)
  • Yahoo groups email list
  • Github (for union catalog working group)
  • Zine Wiki
  • Etherpad

Some projects require funding (website domain, hosting, etc)

Desire for more collaboration with updating tech infrastructure and contributing content to Zinelibraries.info

  • Building out section for contributions, make website more collaborative (difficulties with access due to WordPress format)
  • Call for help/subgroup? Possible role for project assistants?
    • Email Violet to grant access

Interest in session:

  • thinking about intellectual property; how can students populate zine wiki pages
  • who and how resources are managed
  • what are community/support needs?
  • how to connect content generated in courses to the existing resources; what are tech questions/issues in zine librarian community
  • how zine wiki is maintained/future development
  • institutions/students are creating zines, how to connect to and utilize existing platforms?

Etherpad =>etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/zineunioncatalog

  • used by union catalog and zine wiki groups; stripped down text editor allowing for collaborative editing; tracks authorship (color coding); autosaves; also includes a chat function; IS NOT GOOGLE!
  • Anyone can use by accessing link


  • open source dropbox; a repository that can store different kinds of file formats (good for code)
  • ACTION: is there a way to create a group github (instead of having a personal account)? YES YOU CAN
  • create a generic email account to use? are there free plans?
  • use for catalog exports
    • Public Dropbox as alternative for accessibility/functionality?

Potential value of consolidating resources

Zine Librarian Email List/Yahoo Group

  • also a place to put files! restricted group (email Jenna for access)
  • ACTION: Review files in the Yahoo group, migrate to github/github alternative
    • are items in github searchable on the internet? YES
  • AOL just bought Yahoo; need to migrate more pressing maybe
  • what are alternatives?
  • ACTION: Can we host email lists at zinelibraries.info
    • need for something that does not create need for more administrative oversight

Zine Wiki

  • need more administration and TLC
    • Contact Jenna at Barnard to gain access/admin
    • individual libraries tracking/contributing to entries for zine wiki
  • union catalog group are working on more structure for zinewiki; additional metadata
  • no standard for entries right now, template in development for infobox
  • if you know somebody who is good with media wiki, we could use the expertise (not just zine folks)
    • wikipedia edit-a-thons as good way to recruit potential volunteers to help with wiki
  • can create collection notes (groundwork for union catalog)


Next Steps

  • Investigating alternatives to github
  • Reviewing yahoo group materials; consolidate/migrate as needed
  • Encourage folks who are adding content to zine wiki to also think about writing up a workflow
  • Group hack session tomorrow during zine making

Maps and Directions to Simmons

The Beatley Library is located on the second floor of Lefavour Hall. We will be holding our unconference on the second floor of the library, outside the Archives and Special Collections Reading Room and various classrooms inside the library.

Entrance to the library is on 2 Avenue Louis Pasteur.

There will be signage!

Map of campus

If you are driving to campus, here is the address to the Simmons College parking garage to put in your GPS — 6 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston

The garage is super expensive so if you are driving, let me know and I can get you a discounted rate. Parking is SCARCE at the Fenway even in our parking garage so if you can, please use public transportation.

Simmons is a short 7-minute walk from the Museum and Fine Arts stop on the Heath Street-Green-E line subway. I would recommend this stop as it is the easiest to walk to Simmons.

You can also use the Forest Hills-Orange line and get off at the Ruggles stop. This will be about a 17-minute walk.

Or there is the Riverside-D-Green line and you would get off at the Fenway stop. This is a little farther of a walk through lots of unpleasant construction.

MBTA Subway Map

It costs $2.75 each way to ride the subway.

Taxis are wicked expensive here so if you want to take a taxi I would highly recommend carpooling and using Uber of Lyft.

Map of Food Options

Simmons College Food Map

Thanks to the Boston Zine Fest crew for putting together this awesome map last year. Please note that the locations for events on this map are from last year’s Boston Zine Fest. ALL of the ZLuC events will be at Simmons College in the Beatley Library.

Recommendations of places to eat:

  1. Thaiation – 129 Jersey Street
  2. El Pelon Taqueria – 92 Peterborough Street
  3. Gryo City – 88 Peterborough Street
  4. Neighborhoods Coffee & Crepes – 96 Peterborough Street
  5. Basso Japanese Brasserie – 1338 Boylston
  6. Pavement – 1334 Boylston (this is where our breakfast came from)
  7. Clover Food Lab truck – Blackfan St. (Longwood)
  8. Penguin Pizza – 735 Huntington Avenue (also has craft beer)
  9. Tasty Burger – 1301 Boylston Street
  10. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum – Cafe G. 25 Evans Way. Next to Simmons College. Has upscale cafe. Tickets required for the museum, but not the cafe.


Extracurricular Activities

July 29:  Field trip to School of Museum of Fine Arts (Tufts) Library. This is literally across the street from Simmons. The tour will be lead by Darin Murphy, Head of W. Van Alan Clark Library. He will be showing rare, one-of-a-kind artists’ books and zines made by students and community members.

July 30:  Field trip to the Papercut Zine Library . Tour will be led by Sarah Ruggiero, Volunteer Librarian. Not only will you get a chance to read zines and hang out but Sarah has arranged a zine reading with local zinesters as well.

The space is not very big and if we all get super close, we can fit around 20 people in the room. There is an adjoining parking lot where we can loiter around as well.

It is a bit of trek to get there as it is at the very end of the Lechmere-Green-E- line. Once there, it is about a 12-minute walk. Suggestions could be to pool together and take a Lyft or Uber.

Free time:  If you are looking for something to do that is not so-touristy, here are some suggestions put together by the Boston Radical Reference Collective’s Alternative Guide to Boston

ZLuC Schedule of Events

Friday, July 29:  Day 1

9:00 – 9:30a Check In & Breakfast Library -2nd Floor 30 min
9:30 – 9:50a Welcome & Introductions Library- 2nd Floor 20 min
9:50 – 10:20a Schedule & Locations Library-2nd Floor 30 min
10:20 – 10:35a Break 15 min
10:35-11:35a Building Collections

Tech Support

Main Room


One hour
11:35a – 11:50a Break 15 min
11:50a – 12:50p Cataloging

Barefoot Libraries

Main Room


One hour
12:50-2:20p Lunch On your own One hour 30 min
2:20 – 3:20p Zine Union Catalog Main Room


One hour
3:20 – 3:35p Break 15 min
3:35 – 4:35p Metadata Ethics

Donor Relations

Main Room


One hour
4:35 – 6:00p Tour of School of Museum of Fine Arts (artists’ books & zines) 1 hour 35 min
6:00-6:45p Zine Readings 45 min
6:45p Free time!!


Saturday, July 30:  Day 2

9:30 – 10:00a Check In & Breakfast Library – 2nd Floor 30 min
10:00 – 10:30a Schedule & Locations Library – 2nd Floor 30 min
10:30 – 11:30a Teaching with zines as primary sources

Disaster Planning

Main Room


One hour
11:15 – 12:45p Lunch

DPLA Session

On Your Own One hour 35 min
12:45p – 1:45p Zine Events Planning Main Room


One hour
1:55 -2:55p Feelz

Zine Union Catalog Part 2

Main Room


One hour
3:10 – 4:10 Wrap Up Main Room One hour
6:00 Field Trip to the Papercut Library and zine reading Meet at Papercut

Workshops and Presentation Proposals

Let’s all jot down our ideas for things we want to discuss/share/learn during the ‘business’ side of the (un)conference. Then when we all get together the day of we can start with all of these awesome ideas.

  • Capital C catalogers: 375 and 386 fields. 150s, too.
  • zine librarians email list code of conduct
  • code of ethics review–anything to add?
    • zine librarians interactions with each other
  • donor relations — may be code of ethics
  • Simmons Library tour
  • zine union catalog report back to the group + Q&A + feedback/discussion
  • zine genre terms
  • zine subject thesaurus
  • tech supporting ZineLib web projects
    • ZineWiki needs some major DB help
    • zinelibraries.info? (may be ok, may want new/more admins?)
    • Proposed GitHub space
    • etc.
  • cataloging: description and access
    • enhancing subject access
    • describing technique and form/binding
  • Internet Archive/Solidarity project
  • Papercut Library discussion on running a zine library and disaster planning
  • discussion/brainstorming of opportunities & challenges around potential zine hub for the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)
  • preservation/access
  • metadata mapping + ethics
  • Getting started with a collection (starting a new collection and taking over an existing one)
  • teaching with zines as primary sources (paper + digital/online)
    • sample projects/assignments?
    • sharing resources with each other?


The 2016 ZLuC will be held in Boston at Simmons College. Go ahead and put down your name and affiliation so I can start planning the all the awesomeness.

  1. Dawn Stahura, Simmons College
  2. Andrew Clark, Simmons College
  3. Darin Murphy, SMFA (Sat only)
  4. Olivia Portegello, SMFA (with regrets)
  5. Sarah Ruggiero, Papercut Zine Library
  6. Adrianna Alvarez,  (Sat. only)
  7. Adrienne Naylor, Papercut Zine Library
  8. Brittany Mitchell, Boston Zine Collective (with regret)
  9. Violet Fox, formerly of ZAPP
  10. Jessica Leslie
  11. Jenna Freedman, Barnard Zine Library
  12. Ashley Irwin, University of Waterloo
  13. Rhonda Kauffman, MIT (Cambridge, MA)
  14. Julia Lipscomb, ABC No Rio Zine Library (with regrets)
  15. Michele Hardesty, Hampshire College & Interference Archive
  16. Jennifer Hecker, U of Texas Libraries & Austin Fanzine Project
  17. Kelly Wooten, Sallie Bingham Center, Duke University So sad to miss this year–too much other work travel! -kw
  18. Milo Miller, Queer Zine Archive Project
  19. Honor Moody, Schlesinger Library
  20. Jamie Glass, Sherrill Library, Lesley University
  21. Tomas Moniz, Berkeley City College
  22. Alana Kumbier, Hampshire College + Flywheel Zine Library (Western Massachusetts)
  23. Desiree Alaniz, Simmons College
  24. Julie Adamo, Mount Holyoke College
  25. Madeline Veitch, SUNY New Paltz (with regrets)
  26. c. m. dusty brayshaw, Gallery5 Zine Museum, Richmond, VA
  27. Heidy Berthoud, Vassar College [sadly]
  28. Andrew Wang, Indiana University
  29. Samantha Sermeño, University of Washington & Zine Archive and Publishing Project (Seattle)
  30. Malana Krongelb (with regrets)
  31. Kelly Webster, Boston College [With regrets]
  32. Daylon Orr, 8-Ball Archive
  33. Phil Bergevin, 8-Ball Archive
  34. Michelle Oraa Ali, Mt. Holyoke
  35. Kelly Swickard, MICA
  36. Leigh Kaulbach, Print Shop and Libraries @ University of Kansas
  37. Caro Pinto, Mt. Holyoke
  38. Ricardo Lozana, A Love Token Press
  39. Deborah Ultan, University of Minnesota
  40. Charlie McNabb, Wheaton College (Norton, MA)
  41. Emily Belanger, Wellesley College
  42. Allison Jai O’Dell, University of Florida
  43. Lani Smith
  44. Kathleen Clifford
  45. Rachel Karasick — Simmons College
  46. McKenzie Mullen — Simmons College
  47. Miranda Nero, Ocean State Libraries
  48. Carl Jones, MIT
  49. Alex Willett, Brandeis University
  50. Kayla Whitehead, Brandeis University
  51. Anulfo Baez, The Evolving Critic
  52. Nora C. Miller, Hampshire College
  53. Catherine Dixon — Simmons College
  54. Kimberly Arleth — Simmons College
  55. Molly Brown — Simmons College
  56. Mona Tousian –Papercut Library
  57. Dena Marger — Root Radical Lending Library

ZLuC 2016 Boston

Super Yay!

The 2016 Zine Librarian (un)Conference will be held July 29-30th in Boston, Massachusetts at Simmons College in the Beatley Library.

The address for the Beatley Library is 2 Avenue Lois Pasteur. The library is located on the second floor of this building (called Lefavour).

To register, all you need to do is add your information to the registration page! Announce to the world that you will be participating and then make all your awesome travel plans.

(Contact Jenna Freedman at jfreedma at barnard dot edu or Violet Fox at violetfox at gmail dot com if you need a ZineLibraries.info account and they’ll set you up.)

Registration is free for everyone. If you’re interested in applying for (or contributing money to) the 2016 ZLuC travel grant for POC librarians/archivists, find more information here.

Make sure you’re on the Zine Librarians email list, so you don’t miss any pre-conference conversations.

Hashtag: #zluc