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Timberland Regional Library’s Story – At the 2009 zine unconference, Kelsey Smith shared a presentation about starting a zine collection. The session was videotaped and can be viewed on Google Video. Many helpful handouts are shared on the unconference wiki page, including notes from a staff meeting about starting the zine collection and a training overview used to educate staff on the new collection. The resources point out some of the details necessary to consider when starting a public library zine collection.

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  1. Sajinee Fernando says:


    Abashed Content is a collection of work by students in an experimental & media arts course at the University of Minnesota. This ZINE is full of themes that take on new perspectives of appropriation & remixed digital design.
    Inspired by DIY, the work in this ZINE is sourced from internet pieces, text, and photos that are scanned, photocopied, mixed, torn, assembled and photoshopped. Our ZINE admires the free sharing and recycling of ideas.
    LOOK. PASS this ZINE On! Copy and Distribute this ZINE!

    Thank you!
    Sajinee Fernando

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