Getting Started

Timberland Regional Library’s Story – At the 2009 zine unconference, Kelsey Smith shared a presentation about starting a zine collection. The session was videotaped and can be viewed on Google Video. Many helpful handouts are shared on the unconference wiki page, including notes from a staff meeting about starting the zine collection and a training overview used to educate staff on the new collection. The resources point out some of the details necessary to consider when starting a public library zine collection.

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  1. mk says:

    hello, i am kicking myself that i missed the online meet-up on the 10th! unfortunatley the Google Video link doesn’t work so i thought i would write to ask if you had another link or any advice. I read the wiki page but i don’t think it applies to my situation as i am not looking to set up a zine collection in a public library but an independant zine library (queer, feminist, Poc) in a loacal social centre. if you have any advice or tips it would be greatly appreciated!!

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