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Zine Invoice Form

Dummy Zine Invoice.

You can adapt this form for your institution. I bring it to zinefests and the like, fill out titles and prices of zines as I buy them. I then bring the form back to work and trade it for a petty cash reimbursement.

Timberland Regional LIbrary zine invoice

This is the invoice that I created with the assistance of one of our business office staff. (kelsey)

Call for Participants- One Day Zine Librarians Mini Conference (ODZLMC)!

A group of zine librarians have started spontaneously planning a one day conference to talk about zines in libraries of all kinds on Monday, August 30th, the day after the Portland Zine Symposium wraps up.  The conference will be held at the North Portland Multnomah County Library branch at 512 N. Killingsworth St from 10:30-5:30pm.  The tentative plan is to have a half day conference and a half day work session to accomplish some tasks that would be a benefit to zine librarians.  One idea was to gather all of the zine related policies in one spot so that people had access to them. Another idea was to collectively add a bunch of entries to Zinewiki. Or… ? This conference is open to anyone interested in zines in libraries/archives/infoshops/etc; not just card carrying librarians!

A planning wiki has been set up- please register if you’d like to attend and share your ideas with us.

We’d love to hear all of your great ideas.