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Zine Invoice Form

Dummy Zine Invoice.

You can adapt this form for your institution. I bring it to zinefests and the like, fill out titles and prices of zines as I buy them. I then bring the form back to work and trade it for a petty cash reimbursement.

Timberland Regional LIbrary zine invoice

This is the invoice that I created with the assistance of one of our business office staff. (kelsey)

not a zine

I was disappointed that we didn’t get around to discussing this at the collection develpment session at the Zine Librarians (un)Conference: what are the factors that help you determine that a publication is not a zine?

Of course there are zines that meet one or more of the following criteria, but this list is a place to start. Please add yours in the comments.

  • has an ISBN or ISSN
  • has a masthead
  • not self-distributed
  • has a third person bio
  • not self-published (!)
  • motivated by desire for fame or fortune
  • makes a distinct profit
  • price ends in .95
  • has a spine
  • has any paid staff
  • reads like the author is auditioning for a book deal